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Here's what you're getting with Sell That Course:
  • How to sell your course even if you nobody knows who you are
  • Say goodbye to floundering around without a clear plan
  • The truth about selling your course or service that nobody that has “made it” will tell you
  • ​What you should never do when trying to sell your course
  • ​How to eliminate the uncertainty of where your income will come from and when you will receive it
  • ​Where to find students that are desperate for what you can teach them
  • ​Why giving a mini-course away for free will actually make you money
  • ​You need to be a highly-skilled public speaker, Right? Wrong!
  • ​What to do if you are not good with the tech stuff (easy solution)
  • ​How to grow your audience when you are starting from zero
This workshop is about TAKING ACTION.
Sell That Course is a 6-Week Workshop.
Each week we’ll give you the exact steps to accomplish and show you how to get them done.
We’ll walk you through everything with easy to follow videos and written instructions so you can get these tasks done quickly without any guesswork.
Each week have defined a starting point (it’s OK if you’ve got a head start in certain areas...that will just help you get things done quicker).
There is also a planned finish line too. That’s where you’ll be when you complete all the tasks during that week.
And, the tasks for each week are defined EXACTLY.
When the dust settles, you’ll have a REAL BUSINESS created that can change your life.
There is no guesswork here...just getting stuff done.
Here’s the schedule and what we’ll get done together:
Module 1: August 15th - Let’s Get Started!

Where you’ll start Week 1:
No Direction, No Audience, No Group

Where you’ll finish Week 1:
A fully defined Niche/Focus, fully setup Facebook group, and you’ll be primed and ready to start building your audience

These are the specific tasks we’ll get done in Week 1:
Define your focus and your niche
Name your Facebook group
Setup your Facebook group
Get your graphics created
Settings for your group configured properly based on our recommendations
Initial Facebook group questions established based on our recommendations
Pinned post created (use our template)
Create your welcome video for your group (optional but recommended)
Live Q&A Call - Week of 8/18
Module 2: August 22nd - Create Your Mini-Course

Where you’ll start Week 2:
No mini-course or lead magnet

Where you’ll finish Week 2:
Fully completed mini-course or lead magnet, your built-in income generator(s) will be in place, and you’ll have built-in group interaction features of your course will be defined.
These are the specific tasks we’ll get done in Week 2:
Define the idea for your mini-course
Determine how your mini-course will generate income for you
Name your mini-course
Create your mini-course or lead magnet. Once this mini-course is created, it will be a tremendous asset or your business and it will a MAJOR step for you. This is a big week!
Live Q&A Video Call: Week of 8/25
Module 3: August 29th - Providing Value & Fostering Interaction

Where you’ll start Week 3: 
Group with zero value and zero interaction (a ghost town)

Where you’ll finish Week 3: 
Steps in place to create a thriving group that provides value to its members, a sense of community, and plenty of interaction. This is a group that your ideal student will want to belong to.

These are the specific tasks we’ll get done in Week 3:
Schedule content posts
Define how you will answer questions and interact with your group
Put a regular live video schedule in place
Develop a regular group challenge (optional but recommended)
Develop a plan for content that you can link to that addresses common questions or concerns of your audience. This will generally be hosted on your website.
Live Q&A Video Call: Week of 9/1
Module 4: September 5th - Facebook Group Management

Where you’ll start Week 4: 
Potential mayhem - Group members control the group. The group is not accomplishing its intended purpose. Spammers flourish and contradict your teachings and worst of all, they earn money off your hard work. (This would be a scenario if you didn’t put our system in place).

Where you’ll finish Week 4: 
You’ll have a well run and organized Facebook group with well defined and enforced rules. You new well-run group will help you achieve your income goals, provide the most value to your members, and foster a solid community

These are the specific tasks we’ll get done in Week 4:
Define your group philosophy
Write your group rules (template provided)
Define your system for approving new members
Define your system for moderating group member posts
Create a plan to add group moderators when they are needed
Explore some likely situations that will occur and write down how you will deal with them
Live Q&A Video Call: Week of 9/8
Module 5: September 12th - Grow Your Audience

Where you’ll start Week 5: 
No audience growth and no plan to grow your audience

Where you’ll finish Week 5: 
Massive audience membership growth from a well defined and consistent plan

These are the specific tasks we’ll get done in Week 5:
Create your optin page
Setup your lead capture on an email list and put an automated sequence in place
Create your first Facebook/Instagram Ad
Start your first paid ad test
Put a paid traffic plan in place and set goals to scale your business
Develop a plan to leverage organic methods of getting traffic to your optin
Get your first members in your Facebook group
Live Q&A Video Call: Week of 9/15
Module 6: September 19th - Sell Your Course
Where you’ll start Week 6: 
No money being generated from your audience

End Goal (after you start offering your paid course or service for sale): 
Considerable amount of money being generated because of your audience

Specific tasks you’ll get done in Module 6:
Determine your product type
Create a product for sale (with the assistance of Course Creator Blueprint)
Define your sales strategy - launch or webinar? Evergreen?
Define a giveaway strategy - if applicable
Create a retargeting ad to help course sales
Live Q&A Video Call: Week of 9/22
BONUS: Course Creator Blueprint
This is our system for creating an amazing digital course that your students will love.

Module 1 - How to define your niche and choose your course topic so that you will actually be providing something that people need.

Module 2 - How to set up the infrastructure of your school properly so that is easy to manage and very professional.

Module 3 - How to position yourself as an authority in your niche so you can reach as many people as possible AND prosper financially.

Module 4 - How to create the content for your online course that your students will love and will help solve their problems.

NOTE: You will have IMMEDIATE access to Course Creator Blueprint as soon as you enroll in Sell That Course.
Here's A Recap Of What You'll Get
  • Sell That Course: 6-Module Course that will help you put an exact plan in place to build your audience and sell your digital course, coaching, or consulting
  • Course Creator Blueprint: 4-Module Course that will show you how to create an amazing digital course that your students will love
  • ​Weekly Live Q&A Video Calls: We'll help you live with any issues you are facing in getting the system implemented
  • ​Sell That Course - Student Lounge Facebook Group: This is a private Facebook group limited to students of Sell That Course. This will be an intimate group of entrepreneurs serious about creating a business that will change their lives. This is where you can network with other students and get their feedback.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

100% Safe & Secure Checkout

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