Start A Travel Blog - Day 2

Welcome back for Day 2!

This is going to be a fun one today.
First of all, did you go through the material on Day 1 of the course and do the assignments? If not go back and do that now. It is very important that these steps stay in order.
One more important thing ...make sure you join the Facebook group if you haven’t already. The Facebook group is very important for getting the most out of this course.
You’ll be completing these 4 steps today, so we better get to work!
  • Step 3: Pick a Domain Name
  • ​Step 4: Start Your Website
  • ​​Step 5: Claim your WP Fast Launch Bonus (fill out form)
  • ​​Step 6: Post with #Celebrate in group
It’s time to choose your site name and domain name. A domain name is your address on the internet. Ours is 
It should be something you like and something that relates to your niche if possible…but it isn’t necessary. In fact, I love my domain name because it can be anything I want it to be, and it resonates with how I view the world. This inspires me to want to write and share on it.
If you are sure that you are going to write only about one subject, then by all means, pick a domain name that is very specific to your niche. So, if I was going to write only about traveling in the Bahamas, then would be completely acceptable.

But, if there is any chance you want to add more topics, or you think you’ll be writing about more than just traveling in the Bahamas, it might be best to use a broader URL like That leaves it open for you to stretch your wings without having to start a whole new blog. 
But again, your domain name can later be changed if you need to. It just requires time, energy, and work to do it. I have had three different domains/blog names over the years, and I just have the old ones redirect to the new ones so that my readers can still find me. If I had to start over again, I wish I had started with It’s a Lovely Life! from the start, but as they say, hindsight is 20/20.

It’s also possible to write about more than just travel on your blog. For instance, we also right about lifestyle and digital business. So, our name works and doesn’t restrict us to certain topics.

If you want to be flexible and write about whatever you want on your site, if the domain name is too restrictive, then you will have issues down the road. Example: You love to make cookies and would like to write about that. You end up choosing the domain Later you decide you would like to incorporate some lifestyle and travel writing on the site. You may have a hard time convincing a resort in the Bahamas that you are a travel blogger. A better domain name choice would be something more broad in scope that does not limit you. That could be something like If you are certain that you will be writing about one subject, try to include that in the URL for better search traffic. 

Keep In Mind:

Stay away from obscene or objectionable words and phrases with questionable meanings. If you have a site name that is even slightly objectionable, then you will be passed over by potential travel partners and potential readers.

 I highly recommend that you choose a dot com (.com). These are still the standard. Resist the urge to register a domain like if is taken (by the way this dot com is still available as of this writing)! Not only will you be confused with the .com SandalsandSeabreezes, but it will be a constant source of frustration when people go to the wrong site because they assumed you were a dot com.

Here is another idea that works out really well for bloggers: Your Name

This will probably be the easiest one to move forward with...especially if your name is not very common.
If your name is Mary Smith, chances are that someone else already owns that domain name.

You could always use your middle name (Rita in this example) and try variations such as:
  • ​​
  • ​
  • ​
  • ​

Choose your domain name

Write out a list of domains you like and then it is time to search and see if they are available.

Use this site to check if a domain is available.

**Don't actually register the name yet. That will be in the next step.
If a name is currently taken, there is really nothing you can do at this point except to get a little creative (or pay someone a premium price for it). Look for synonyms of the word you were hoping to use. You can google “synonym for happy” to get some potential alternatives. So, if your dream name “ is taken, maybe is available instead. 
Trust me, after you start using a domain name for a while, it will start to feel like it was the name you were always meant to have.

REMEMBER: don’t actually register the domain name at this point. You will be doing that in the next step.
Keep a short list of domain names and toss around which one you like the best.
NOTE: Sometimes you will see a domain available for resale for a higher price. In this case, someone already owns the name and they are offering it for sale. 
Want some honest feedback or help figuring out the right domain name for you? Just CLICK THIS LINK and start a new post in the Facebook group with #domainnamehelp and ask the group. 

What is your site going to be about?

​​Potential domain names you are considering…make sure they are available!
​If you don't have any ideas yet, list some words or phrases that you like. This will really help get the brainstorming process started.
Put some thought into this, but don’t let it paralyze you. Make a decision and move on to the next section.
Have your domain name figured out? Let’s move on and get your blog started!

Start your Blog

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This video below is Pete walking your through the process of getting your blog started. As you’ll see, it is quick and simple!
Just make sure to click through our link with the button below to sign up for your hosting or we cannot provide you the bonuses listed above.
Note: If you would prefer written instructions on how to get your blog started, see those here.

After you have signed up for your new website, immediately take Step 5 and Step 6 below:

You’re not done yet for today!

Claim Your WP Fast Launch Bonus

Complete THIS FORM to receive your free access to WP Fast Launch (instructions will be immediately emailed to you).
When you receive the email after completing the form, follow the instructions to login to WP Fast Launch. The coursework in WP Fast Launch is essential for Day 3, so it is important to get logged in and make sure you have access.
NOTE: If you filled out the form and did not receive an email right away from us, first check your spam folder. If the email from us in not there, please email us at so we can get you access to the course for free (as long as you clicked through our link to sign up). 

Start a new post with #Celebrate

Start a new post in the FACEBOOK group starting with #Celebrate and let us know that you got started, the domain name of your new blog, and what your blog will be about!
We love celebrating our new bloggers, so please make sure you complete this step!!
Day 2 Assignment Recap
Make sure to complete ALL THE ASSIGNMENTS as we progress through the course. It’s important to complete them all and in the order presented in order to set things up correctly.

Step 4: Start Your Blog.

Ready to keep going?
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